Now days it’s getting harder to protect ourselves from hackers determined to steal our passwords, data and wreck havoc on our lives and businesses.

One of the biggest threats around is Ransomware.  Ransomeware will encrypt ALL the data and pictures on your hard drive and network shared drives.  This type of infection is categorized as a Disaster.  Your data is basically irretrievable. The Ransomware malware pops up a screen on your computer offering the unencryption key for a limited time if a ransom is paid using Bitcoin.

I have heard about some people paying the ransom and getting the encryption key but I have heard of others who paid the ransom and got nothing in return.  Most people are so confused about the whole episode that the time limit expires before they take any action. Then to add insult to injury, their backup runs on schedule either to an external device or Cloud thus overwriting their good backup with the encrypted files.

How much is your company data worth to you?

Do you have multiple backup generations? Are you backing up both locally and offsite?

Disaster Recovery is not just a backup; it is a solution that will keep your data safe and the doors to your business open.

As your trusted IT Professional, I can help insure the security of your precious data.  Give us a call to schedule a meeting to go over the solutions available to you. Call Elaine Sampson at SDBOSTechs, 858.922.7765.

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